The only public archery range in the Chugoku and Shikoku area.

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Archery Range


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Archery, for us, is an outdoor sport for anybody to enjoy.
Of course starting with the five-year olds…

If you’ve ever thought about getting into archery this might be a good place for you to begin. We welcome everybody from the complete novice to the pro archer. And you can have a wonderful outdoor barbecue at the end of your day too!

The Saiki archery range was established in 1972, the year of the Munich Olympics. And today, in Japan, it has quite a history, which explains why so many people come to visit – even if only for sightseeing.

For the foreign visitor to Japan there couldn’t be a better place for connecting with the traditional Japanese use of the bow as a mental recreation instrument, along the Zen spiritual guidelines and the commitment to culture history. You can practically feel it getting into you.
A visit to the range is a must, if you seriously want to remember your time in Japan. And we have more than experienced staff to see to it that all begins well and ends well for you.

Oh and some of our instructors took part in the 2012 London Olympic Games. Well after all we have been literally raising young archers with ambitions to be the best in the country… and to represent Japan in international competitions. So visiting us will be quite an eye opening experience for you.


Beginners have a three meter range to go from, if target distance is a concern. And with a little more confidence you can extend the distance to the target...
And to please the visiting pro archer we allow for a handicap system. This gives them quite a bit of pride in demonstrating their skills.
If instructions in English are necessary we can provide them though a reservation may be necessary.


Adults - 4000 yen Students or younger - 3000 yen

There are two ranges open to the public, one of which runs through a natural field setting. You select the one you want. And the fees will cover instructions and equipment you will use. Beginners can also try the natural range but of course after undergoing lessons with the instructors on the target training range. And it will take about two hours from training through to the open natural range for one round.



As we all know, walking through nature calms you down. The natural sounds, colors, scents and aromas make you feel revived and feel clearer in your minds.

And all our archery visitors say that while enjoying the archery they suddenly find themselves paying attention to the bird calls, sounds of the wind, and the colors and scents coming out of the plants around them as they make their way through the range. Many, who are urbanites, say archery suddenly gets the feel of nature into them. This surely releases them from daily stress and raises their attitudes in daily life and professions. Come to think of it that is what archery was used for during peace times in ancient Japan.



500 Tsuta Hatsukaichi Hiroshima 738-0222 JAPAN
Phone:+81-829-72-0437 Fax:+81-829-72-0782
7 days week 9:00 to 18:00
Parking lot that holds 50 cars
Get off the Sanyo Express Way at the Hatsukaichi Inter-change. Then go towards the Miyauchi Intersection along Route 2. It will take you about 20 minutes along Prefecture Road 30 before you arrive.
A visit is most welcome.